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Dive Sites of Takatuka Divers

Dive Sites Takatuka Divers SipalayPlunge into Sipalay’s underwater wonders!

Sipalay’s dive sites are customized for experienced divers and for beginners. We exclusively dive in small groups, while focusing on the individual needs of our diving guests. The region of Sipalay has more than 30 exceptional spots to offer, perfect for a two or three weeks diving vacation. Additionaly we dive at the fantastic Danjugan Island! Experience fantastic diving with our professional team in one of the best archipelagoes of the Philippines.

Beautiful dive sites in Sipalay, Philippines

Tauchplaetze-Philippinen-Juliens-Wreck-2 Tauchplaetze-Philippinen-Juliens-Wreck-2
Tauchplaetze-und-Ausruhen-in-den-Philippienen Tauchplaetze-und-Ausruhen-in-den-Philippienen
Tauchplaetze-Philippinen-Turtle-Island Tauchplaetze-Philippinen-Turtle-Island
Tauchplaetze zum Wracktauchen in den Philippinen Tauchplaetze zum Wracktauchen in den Philippinen
Tauchplaetze zum Tauchenlernen in den Philippinen Tauchplaetze zum Tauchenlernen in den Philippinen
Tauchplaetze Philippinen Juliens Wreck Tauchplaetze Philippinen Juliens Wreck
Tauchplaetze Philippinen (2) Tauchplaetze Philippinen (2)
Tauchplaetze-auf-Negros-Sipalay-23 Tauchplaetze-auf-Negros-Sipalay-23
Tauchplaetze Philippinen Mad Max Tauchplaetze Philippinen Mad Max
Tauchplaetze mit Seepferdchen auf den Philippinen Tauchplaetze mit Seepferdchen auf den Philippinen
Tauchplaetze in Buchten auf Negros Tauchplaetze in Buchten auf Negros
Tauchplaetze-uns-Spass-Takatuka-Divers-Philippinen Tauchplaetze-uns-Spass-Takatuka-Divers-Philippinen
Tauchplaetze fuer Muckdiving Philippinen Tauchplaetze fuer Muckdiving Philippinen
Tauchplaetze auf Negros Sipalay Tauchplaetze auf Negros Sipalay
Tauchplaetze in Sipalay Philippinen Tauchplaetze in Sipalay Philippinen
Aussergewoehnliche Tauchplaetze Philippinen Aussergewoehnliche Tauchplaetze Philippinen

More adventures with Takatuka Divers

SS Panay

A commissioned American ammunitions ship carrying supplies to the Philippine guerrillas, the SS Panay played a crucial role in the war against the Japanese Imperial Forces. In March 1942 it was spotted and torpedoed by two Japanese planes and laid to rest on the bottom of Campomanes Bay. The approx. 90 meters long warship lies perfectly upright in 33 - 41 meters depth and still has hundreds of gas masks on board.


You will dive right under an old dock through a breathtaking steel landscape scattered with gigantic, colourfully overgrown tires as well as an enormous, chained anchor. Mad Max is the home of pipefish, lobsters, stonefish, morays and lionfish in hundreds. An extraordinary dive site in 5 - 28 meters depth.

Wollux Heaven

This dive starts with a 14-meter-free-dive down along a rope, past a reef-top full of fishes, corals and lots of little white sand spots going down to 37 meters. At 18 meters, Gorgonians and Whip-corals overgrow beautifully a giant “rock finger” which gives shelter to a big variety of fishes. Further along the reef edge is another big rock forming some kind of canyon through which one can dive to spot frogfishes and stonefishes.

Turtle's Back

You will marvel at the immense diversity of corals and fishes you can observe here in 5 to 20 meters depth.

Turtle Head Point

This slopy dive spot near "Turtle Island" is the habitat of various small and bigger fishes, too. Depth: 3 - 35 meters.

Sunken Island

Another fantastic sunken island with lots of fish and corals. A very popular dive site. Depth: 8 to 25 meters.

MS Jojo

Lying on its side, this 80 meters long two-mast freighter is the home of countless batfish and big lionfish. You will see hundreds of them while diving through the cargo hatch. MS Jojo sunk in the eighties and lies now between 22 and 33 meters deep on a sandbank.

Manta Drop

A mesmerizing slope with fishes and corals in abundance. You may even come across a turtle now and then. Depth: 5 - 31 meters.

MA Asin South I

Beautiful slope south of Campomanes bay. Depth: 5 – 20 meter.

MA Asin South II

A lot of soft- and hard corals at this coral garden. Depth: 5 -27 meters.

MA Asin South III

A lot of soft- and hard corals at this coral garden. Depth: 5 -25 meters.

Langub Caves

Explore two caves and one grotto in one dive! Stingrays frequently hide on the caves' sandy ground while the ceilings are decked out with cute dangling bats. Langub Caves is an exiting dive in 5 meters’ depth which even suits for novices.


A beautiful wall with a nice coral garden on the top. Turtles, ghostpipefishs and many more fantastic animals can be seen. Depth: 5 - 30 meters.


Dive through luxuriant canyons, territory of thousands of fishes. It is a fabulous spot for night diving. Depth: 3 - 20 meters.

Julien's Wreck

This beautifully overgrown freighter lies scattered in approx. 7 meters' depth. Lots of vivacious fishes and manifold colorful corals as well as ribbon eels live here in this luminous wreck area. Julien's Wreck is the perfect dive spot for beginners and also qualifies for snorkeling.

Hidden Sea

Countless anemones are gently waving in the soft current of the entrance to "Hidden Sea", a spectacular dive site where densely overgrown coral rocks are scattered all over the sandy bottom. Depth: 5 - 20 meters.

Habock Habock

This multicolored reef plateau is fascinatingly split up by clefts in 3 - 12 meters depth. Turtles love this spot, so make sure you look for them.

Great White

A Nissan SD 23, built in 1988, car wreck on 17 meters, donated to the City of Sipalay to use it as a dive site.

Friday the 13th

This vivid coral reef is smoothly sloping from 5 - 36 meters and is teeming with fishes and all kinds of corals.

Farmers Market

This is a fantastic drop off on the western side of "Turtle Island". The wall roof is heavily overgrown with various colorful corals in 3 meter's depth, dropping vertically to 15 meters.

Eva's Point Extension

Another beautiful wall dive towards Campomanes Bay. Depth: max. 26 meters. Lots of table corals.

Eva's Point

A marvellous densely overgrown wall right at the entry to Campomanes Bay. Depth: 2 - 28 meters.


A very nice spot with coral rocks on white sandy bottom. Depth: 6 - 15 meters.

Diente De Lobo

A very unique dive site! The peak of this freestanding rock is at 12 meters. Its bottom is buried in a white sand plateau at approx 19 meters. The sand is spread around the rock in a 4 meter’s span ending at a cliff, where the reef disappears in 30 meters deep blue sea. This enormous rock is lusciously overgrown with soft corals and tube sponges and is the habitat of a large anglerfish. Various “Gorgonian Fan”- and “Whip” corals are growing out of the surrounding sand bottom, giving shelter to tons of small and bigger sea dwellers.

Dante's Peak

A wonderful slope with lots of corals and fish. Depth: 5 – 38 meters.


An exciting slope in the vicinity of Takatuka Lodge with white sandy canyons running through. Superb for night dives. Depth: 8 - 16 meters.

Balo Garden

The underwater scenery here is magnificent. It is a particularly varied coral garden crisscrossed with canyons. Depth: 3 - 25 meters.

Ayer's Rock

The beautiful sunken island reminds at the Ayers rock of Australia. Fantastic corals and lots of fish. Depth: 18 to 35 meters.

Takatuka Lodge

Takatuka Lodge - Beach and Dive Resort is located in the middle of the two diving areas of Sipalay. It takes about 5 - 35 minutes to reach most of the diving spots.

For many a diver, our dive sites in Sipalay are among the finest in the Philippines. The numerous drop offs and coral gardens, the three wrecks, the walls and canyons in the north and south of Takatuka are easy to be reached. Variety is guaranteed! Check it out!

Takatuka Divers’ diving center is in the middle of two formidable diving areas that extend from north to south of Sipalay. Our strategic position allows us to easily reach both diving areas in just a few boat-minutes. Sipalay has numerous marine protected areas which guarantee rich fish stocks, the conservation of marine life and makes diving with us particularly attractive. Additionally famous Danjugan Island is just a 50 minutes boat ride away!

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