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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

In order for you to find your way around easily, we categorized the questions into three sections:

– General Philippines information
– Takatuka resort information
– Takatuka Divers information

General Philippines Information

FAQs Takatuka Sipalay

FAQ – Stay up to date!

What should I know healthwise?

No vaccinations are currently required for traveling to the Philippines. However, you may consult with your family doctor regarding old vaccines that should be refreshed. Should you travel to Palawan or Mindanao, you need to contact your nearest tropical institute. The sunlight in the Philippines is very strong. Don’t forget to bring good sunscreen with you! Sipalay has a “health center“, which can help you with minor health problems. Severe and acute problems have to be treated in the hospital in Kabankalan or preferably in Bacolod.

What about security?

The north of the Philippines and the Visayas are considered a safe travel destination. You will be impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the Filipino people!

When do I need a visa?

The visa policy is depending on your nationality. Please inquire at the Philippine Embassy in your home country or online. You can enter the Philippines without a visa and stay for exactly 30 days. Should you wish to extend your stay, you need to go to the Immigration Office in Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cebu, Iloilo or Manila on your 29th day at the latest. Your visa will be issued for 59 days, but it will be valid for another 29 days only, as your first 30 days are already included.

What payment options do I have in the Philippines?

The Philippine currency is the Peso. The best exchange currencies are EURO or USD. Don’t buy USD traveler’s checks! Banks in the Philippines don’t know how to handle them. Credit card payments are accepted in most city hotels and restaurants. But in rural areas, cash is king. There are two ATMs in Sipalay that take foreign credit cards, but are sometimes offline, and you can change foreign currencies at Western Union in Sipalay near the Plaza.

What's the climate in the Philippines?

Here in Sipalay, we have a dry season (approx. November-May) and southwest monsoon (Habagat) starting June until September/October. The daily temperatures are at an average of 30°C all year around. Therefore, light summer clothing and a light sweater (to protect yourself against too cold air-conditioning) are all you need.

How can I make telephone calls?

The mobile phone network is very well developed in the Philippines. With prepaid cards of SMART and GLOBE you can call and text throughout the country at low costs.

Country codes for outbound calls from the Philippines:
List of country codes

Country code for calls to the Philippines: 0063

What should I know about customs?

You are allowed to import 400 cigarettes and two bottles of wine or other alcohol of 1 l. You have to declare currencies amounting more than 10,000 Pesos’ worth. Pornographic works are prohibited. Corals, shells or products of snakeskin and tortoise shells may not be exported. Customs allowances in the EU: 200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco, 1 l spirits over 22% vol or 2 l alcohol under 22% vol, 500 g coffee as well as other items not exceeding the value of 430 Euro.

Takatuka Resort Informationen

FAQs Takatuka Sipalay

FAQ – All right!

What should I know before I book?

– Check in is at 12 noon / Check out 11:00 am
– Breakfast is included in the room rate (from 7am to 10am)
– Our rooms are non smoking rooms – smoking on the balcony or terrace is allowed
– We strictly adhere to the max. capacity of our rooms (respective capacities are mentioned in the room descriptions)
– A baby cot is available
– Bringing own foods and beverages is not allowed in the resort area (this mainly pertains to our local guests who are used to bring their own meals on their holiday excursions)

Can I have my dirty clothes washed at Takatuka?

Yes, we offer a very affordable laundry service. Our washing machine has a capacity of 5 kg and washes below 40°C.

Please note that we don’t have a dryer. Depending on the weather conditions, it can take a few days for your clothes to dry.

Is WLan/WiFi available at the resort?

Yes, our WiFi routers are distributed all over the resort area. You should find good signal in every room or at least on your veranda/balcony. WIFI is for free!

What is the power supply in Sipalay, and do I need an adapter?

Electricity is 230V on the local power grid with very few power outages. Our rooms have international, European power sockets. If necessary, adapters are available. We have a generator in case of power interruptions (operation cannot be guaranteed during night time).

Do I need to bring my own towels?

Bath towels are placed on your bed, whereas beach towels (also for diving) can be fetched at the reception.

Can I bring my pet?

No, sorry, pets are strictly not allowed.

Where can I park my car?

Guests arriving by private vehicle can park their car at Nauhang Bridge. The local fishermen will guard it for PHP 50.-/day. You also have the option to park your car or motor bike in the compound of the son of Nauhang’s Mayor for the same fee. Just ask us for directions.

Takatuka Divers Informationen

FAQ Takatuka Sipalay

FAQ – Dive care free

What connectors do our diving tanks have?

Our cylinders have INT valves. DIN/INT adapters are available in small numbers. However, it is advisable to bring your own adapter should you have one on hand.

Do Takatuka Divers offer decompression dives?

No, for security reasons, we don’t perform decompression dives. Furthermore, the next decompression chamber is located in Cebu City.

Do Takatuka Divers rent out tanks?

No, for insurance reasons, we don’t rent out tanks individually. Our dives are always accompanied by a guide.

What kind of tanks do Takatuka Divers use?

We dive with 11 liter (80cf) Catalina aluminum tanks.

What are the additional costs for dives in Sipalay sanctuary areas?

Pro dive PHP 150.-
Pro dive with camera (big model) PHP 200.-
Pro dive with video camera (big model) PHP 250.-

(Small compact and GoPro cameras carried in the BCD are exempted)

What about my safety on board?

Our boats are equipped with first-aid kits. Our large dive boat is also equipped with an oxygen tank. Our boat crew is trained in first aid. An additional oxygen tank is located in the dive center.

What's the water temperature in Sipalay?

The water temperature is an average of 27-30°C throughout the year. For frequent divers who feel cold easily, we recommend a 5mm suit against hypothermia.

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