Takatuka Lodge – Beach and Dive Resort

All about Takatuka – Happy and content guests are a tremendous blessing to us!

Takatuka Lodge – Beach and Dive Resort is in its 15th year of operation here on Sugar Beach in Sipalay. Kalle and Cathy created this small paradise with enormous enthusiasm, a whole lot of heart and just as much love to entertain and amuse our valued guests. We enjoy realizing our extraordinary, playful and colorful ideas.

Based on the short story of ‘Pippi in Taka Tuka Land’ by Astrid Lindgren, we built this feel-good retreat which is unique in the Philippines and beyond.

You are in good hands!

About Takatuka Cathy Sipalay

Cathy – The fairy godmother

The Swiss trilingual secretary with French roots is the good soul of Takatuka. She always has an open ear for the needs of our guests and leads the Takatuka staff with caring and appreciative guidance.

The passionate cook deploys her artistic vein to the delight of our guests. Her creativity and playful imagination regularly make Takatuka guests chuckle and conjures smiles of satisfaction and contentment on their faces.

She is also responsible for Takatuka’s Facebook page, where she cultivates friendships with our guests.

And of course, she enjoys joining the beer o’clock regulars’ table, where we observe spectacular sunsets with a drink or two together with our guests.

About Takatuka Sipalay Kalle

Kalle – The Mover and Shaker

Self-initiative, responsibility, farsightedness and entrepreneurial qualities have marked his active life. The creative head of the resort loves to play out his ideas. His specialty is to re-purpose everyday objects into useful light switches and lamps.
He is a real maker when it comes to new projects. He happily takes matters in hand and is active everywhere on the construction site.

As a trained carpenter, he steadily keeps the resort in perfect condition. In addition to his craftsmanship, Kalle is also responsible for the administration, the e-mail inquiries as well as the creation, design and maintenance of the Takatuka website.

Just as Cathy, he is always there for our guests and likes to socialize with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are passionate hosts

Good service is a crucial factor for us. We are always available for the concerns and individual convenience of our guests. At Takatuka, we understand our guests’ needs and strive to leave nothing to be desired. With us, you will spend carefree holidays with great people.

We speak German, English, French, Swiss German and Ilonggo.

Welcome to Takatuka Lodge – Beach and Dive Resort on Sugar Beach in Sipalay.

It is our pleasure to serve you!

About Takatuka Sipalay

Kalle & Cathy Kalitta

TAKATUKA – Holidays among friends!