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Social Sustainability at Takatuka Lodge – Beach and Dive Resort

Sustainability kalipay Takatuka SipalayTakatuka Beach & Dive Resort promotes and collects donations for the Negrense KALIPAY Foundation who supports the causes of disadvantaged, homeless, abused and/or malnourished children by giving them a good, healthy and loving environment, education, food, a home and a new life.

Takatuka also helps local families in pressing need.

Our staff is regularly trained in first aid and fire prevention. Over twenty local families are beneficiaries of our business through well-paid, fair jobs at Takatuka. The happiness and prosperity of our staff is our main concern.

Food Sustainability at Takatuka Lodge – Beach and Dive Resort

Sustainability Takatuka SipalayOur natural resources are purchased mostly from local farmers, fishermen and market stalls.
Takatuka always privileges local handicraft, hardware and construction companies.

Our vegetables come from local organic farms.

Sipalay Takatuka Lodge Certificate

Environmental Sustainability at Takatuka Lodge – Beach and Dive Resort

Sustainability Takatuka SipalayEach room at Takatuka is equipped with a power keycard switch in order to facilitate maximum electricity conservation.
Takatuka rewards ecoconscious guests for reducing their energy consumption by giving up air-conditioning and/or warm shower, through our modular rate system where you only pay for the standard you choose.

Takatuka exclusively uses energy efficient LED-bulbs. Each and every toilet in the whole resort is equipped with an eco-dual flush system. Takatuka received the Ecological Compliance Certificate (ECC 0605-0117-057-402) from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.Takatuka’s beachfront is being cleaned daily whereby recycling and garbage segregation rules are followed by the letter.

Water bottles can be refilled in order to minimize garbage generation. Takatuka staff is permanently trained in waste management and environmental awareness. Broken hardware and tools are recycled by Takatuka and reused in playful and decorative ways.

Resort produced rubbish is segregated and brought to Sipalay to be collected for recycling and disposal. Exhaust emission control through Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Takatuka gives shelter to a large diversity of wild birds, butterflies and other animals thanks to our continuous tree planting and reforesting efforts. In order to counteract local logging and disforestation of Sipalay’s woodland, Takatuka substantially refrains from using wood and bamboo as building materials.

All taxi and van transfer partners of Takatuka drive safe and well-maintained cars that undergo regular emission tests.

Takatuka Divers’ Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability Takatuka SipalayTaking an active role in aquatic conservation and protecting the marine ecosystem is a driving force behind our efforts. With various marine sanctuaries in the north and in the south of Takatuka, we observe a strict no-touch, no-gloves, no-feed, no-anchoring policy.

Takatuka Divers have an artificial reef in the making with concrete formations and pipes in front of Takatuka offering shelter to an amazing amount of sea animals (from pygmy seahorses over lion fishes to groupers and octopuses). In order to interact gently with aquatic life and to only affect their surroundings minimally, Takatuka’s dive students practice tarring in the shallow, sandy seashore before doing their first dive in open waters.

Coastal and reef cleanups are conducted twice a year. The dive center staff is regularly trained in environmental awareness. Takatuka’s dive guests are offered courses in marine protection and aquatic fauna identification to improve their knowledge.

Takatuka Divers observe climatic changes, keep track of animal populations and compile statistics on a daily basis.

TAKATUKA – Holidays with a clear conscience!

Sustainability Takatuka Sipalay

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